White Orchid Island Co

White Orchid Island Co was created two years ago with the intent to create a blend of oils that would not only effectively repel insects but also smell amazing. Growing up my family spent the summers outdoors boating......now that I have two young children of my own we spend our summers outdoors at our trailer so it is important to have a repellent that is safe and effective for them. Unfortunately insects are just a part of nature but can be a nuisance, cause allergic reactions, spread disease or even cause death and should be avoided in order to prevent this. However it is often hard to avoid insects especially those pesky “no see ums” so we have created this amazing blend of essential oils to do it for you. We have added our signature blend of lemon eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, cedarwood, peppermint, sandlewood, sage and tea tree oil to all of our products.  Why do we use the same blend in all of our products? It’s the old adage “why mess with perfection” we have found our blend is highly effective at repelling insects which is the main purpose while also delighting the senses. Getting outdoors is good for the mind, body and soul so we created this fresh blend of essential oils to help repel most insects often found in nature such as mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, bees, wasps, sandflies naturally......without the use of harmful chemicals.  All of the packaging we choose can be reused, such as our metal tins, burlap bags, and mason jars which adds value to you as well as the environment.  Whether you are at the cottage, boating, camping, hiking, sitting on the deck or working outdoors we have a product that will work for you!

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